250 000 tonnes of storage capacity

A complex of ten covered warehouses have been built to store up to 250 thousand tonnes of bulk fertiliser at once. All the warehouses are connected via galleries and equipped with the innovative distribution management system in order to efficiently transport the cargo from the rail cars to the warehouses and eventually to the vessels. High loading efficiency is ensured by wheeled front-loaders with lifting capacity of 16 t. The closed warehouses and cargo transportation system ensures safe movement of cargo from wagons to ships without any negative effects on the environment.

pakrovimas is vagonu

Unloading of rail cars

3 wagon unloading stations

Bulk fertilisers are delivered to the terminal by rail. The annual flow comprises one fifth of the total rail freight flow transported through the territory of Lithuania. The unloading capacity of three covered wagon unloading stations is 700 specialised mineral carriers or 11 trains per day. Currently more than 150 thousand rail cars are unloaded at the stations every year.

fasavimas i didmaisius

Bulk fertiliser packaging into bags and big bags

90 containers per day

In addition to the stevedoring, the terminal also provides other services, such as fertiliser packaging in bags and big bags, marking, palletising, loading into containers and delivering to the container terminals in Klaipeda Port. The company operates two lines for fertiliser packaging; 20 to 50kg to the bags and 500 to 1200kg to the big bags. A total of 90 containers (TEU) are bagged per day.

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