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Social responsibility

We as a part of community

JSC BIRIU KROVINIU TERMINALAS is a crucial part of the port and the city of Klaipeda; facilitating both economic growth and social inclusion project developments. The company firmly believes in the future of Klaipeda as a city, as is demonstrated by its long-term sponsorship of cultural and social initiatives. In 2019, Newspaper Vakaru Ekspresas acclaimed JSC BIRIU KROVINIU TERMINALAS as a socially responsible business. We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to support non-profit organizations, associations and other community-oriented activities that help Klaipeda citizens in their cultural and everyday lives.

Environmental protection

JSC BIRIU KROVINIU TERMINALAS is situated on the shore of the Curorian lagoon that sits amongst Klaipeda and the Curorian Spit.

The company is continuously monitoring its impact on the environment, testing new environmental protection technologies and implementing the necessary measures to lower the environmental impact of the terminal. The below list provides some details as to what we actively do in regard to environmental matters:

  • Ensure compliance with all the applicable environment preservation-oriented laws, regulations and other requirements stated in the legislations;
  • Plan and execute yearly preventative measures programmes;
  • Install advanced loading technologies and equipment;
  • Monitor emissions and discharges from pollution sources;
  • Raise awareness of environmentally friendly behaviour amongst shareholders and stakeholders.

Our partners